How we’re COVID ready

Fvce has been working relentlessly these past few months, keeping up to date with the ever evolving guidelines, launching with a brand new design – the joys of running a startup during a pandemic. Composure.  

Being a doctor-led company, we take infection control very seriously. We don’t just simply look at the govt statistics, we run our own analysis of the situation before making safe and measured precautions for our clients and practitioners.


What’s the situation?

From August the 14th, close contact beauty services have been re-instated. This means that all practitioners, regardless of your background, can begin doing what you love the most. 


What steps have we taken?

We have ensured that all of our practitioners have recieved a personal guide book which details all the safety precautions they need to take. 


Each practitioner will be wearing a mask, visor, disposable gown, gloves and ensure that lots of small infection control meausres are in place. 

COVID screening

Before your appointment, we ask that you complete your health questionnaire. In it, we ask specifically about COVID symptoms and exposure. If you fail some of the screening questions, it’s fine – all you need to do is reschedule your appointment at-least two weeks from the start of symptoms or point of exposure.


What about home visits?

Home visits are a go! We have plenty of amazing & experienced practitioners on our platform that now offer home visits. Again, all of our practitioners will come with all the safety equipment detailed above (it’s not too heavy, believe us!) to ensure you are kept shielded and safe. Moreover, all of our practitioners are either doctors, dentists or nurses – so they’ve practically been raised respecting infection control. Sweet!

As this pandemic has evolved, we understand and appreciate that some of you might not be comfortable visiting a clinic and so home visits are a great alternative. 


How can you help?

Clinic Appointments
Come alone

We know some of you like to bring your bestie for moral support, but during these times, limiting the number of bodies in a room will go a long way. 


Lemony Fresh

That’s right. That smell of soap and those wonderful concoctions that help kill bugs are a must, before your appointment. We recommend hand washing and a shower before your appointment. 


Pick a practitioner nearby

You can filter practitioners by location, but choosing someone closer to you means less time traveling and less exposure. 


Public Transport precautions

If you are coming to your appointment via public transport, please try and book your appointment at off-peak travel times, wear gloves and a mask whilst travelling.  


If someone has it, reschedule

If someone in your household has COVID symptoms or has been diagnosed with COIVD, please reschedule your appointment in two weeks time from when they first developed symptoms. If they have not had any symptoms but have been diagnosed as carrying it from the swab test, then reschedule in two-weeks time from date of diagnosis. You can do this via ‘Booking Actions’ on the Dashboard. 

By the way, this rule also applies to those of you who have booked home visitis.


Keep in touch! (virtually, honey)

Our platform allows you to have a direct line of communication with your practitioner. This means that if you have any questions or if you find yourself self-isolating from being exposed to the virus, then let them know. They will be best placed in offering you advice on how to proceed. 


Home visits
That Summer breeze

Opening a window to allow for some natural ventilation is a positive step towards minimising risk.  


Clear the area

Please ensure that the room in which you are having treatment is clean and has been disinfected using things like Detol Surface Cleanser, atleast 1-2 hours before your appointment. All flat surfaces should be wiped clean and laminated flooring mopped before hand. 


Thank you for your patience

It’s been tough. There’s been a lot of new precautions that need getting used to. But thank-you, for being heroes and respecting these rules. We will continue to support you in anyway we can on your journey. 

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