Find Your Practitioner Online

The New Way to Find Your Practitioner


s we delve deeper into the internet age and consumer trends for on-demand services, Fvce launches the new way to find your practitioner. The 2019 way. The tech-drizzled-in-safety way. I’d love to say ‘you get the point’, but I don’t think you do. 


“This new online platform is revolutionary for both clients and practitioners.”


The idea is simple. 

Essentially, Fvce connects qualified and vetted practitioners to you directly online. But it’s not simply an introducer. Buckle up Dorothy, because there is oh so much more. 


Finding a Practitioner

Steps to find a practitioner are blissfully easy. Simply enter your postcode and radius, and Fvce spits out an extensive list of doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners within the vacinity, who are fully trained and experienced in cosmetic injectables. Why Fvce suddenly becomes more powerful than just a directory, is you can filter the practitioners based on distance, price and (drum roll please…) reviews. And yes, mic still in hands.


Comparing Practitioners

Traditionally, a typical consumer of aesthetic treatment would resort to Uncle Google, Aunt Insta or word of mouth when deciding which practitioner or clinic to go with. But what metrics were being compared? The number of sheep in Aunt Insta’s back yard? Uncle Google’s favouritism? Come on, you’re so much better than that.

Fvce gives you a list of practitioners with enough information about each of them that for the first time you are empowered enough to make an informed decision online. Find out where practitioners trained, how much experience they have, which products they prefer to use and most importantly – their body of work. 


Booking a Practitioner

So you find a practitioner that ticks your boxes, what next? Simply check their availability and place a booking at a time that suits you. You only ever pay a 20% deposit initially to secure the booking.



Now comes the exciting bit. Once you have paid your deposit, you can now begin online communication with your practitioner. Use this opportunity to provide your practitioner with some of your medical history and images in order to tailor a bespoke plan ahead of your appointment. 


Start your Journey

It’s only right that I leave a link below for you to explore this revolutionary idea. *Mic Drop*. 

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